$18 a skin still to much

In regards to Respawn’s reply to the Iron Crown event, $18 per skin is way too much to ask. $18 is gas for a couple days to work, that’s a home cooked meal, for some that’s a pack of smokes or beer. It’s a laugh to want to spend that much to look a certain way in a video game. Granted, this isn’t the first time a label has pushed high prices on their fans.

I could understand $5-10. That gives support to the devs/pubs and doesn’t make the fans feel guilty/torn. Also not everyone that plays this game is of age and has a job! Could you imagine, “Mom, Dad, can I have $5 to buy a skin?”, “Mom, Dad, can I have $20 to buy a skin?” Which one do you think they’d go for?

I appreciate the devs trying to right a wrong, but from the beginning it’s been to much. Sure $18 to get exactly what you want is better than $21 on 3 chances to gamble on what you want. But, is it fan friendly? I know some devs/pubs don’t GAF about fan friendly, but do you think you’d have a healthier fan base if you weren’t gouging? Don’t you think they’d earn more?

Also, yes, FTP(Free to play), you can opt out of any of this and just not pay for skins, or anything for that matter. But, shouldn’t you feel enticed to buy, not driven away? I’ve purchased the season passes, but that’s it. The pass give you something to aim for. A set of goals for a game that really has none, other than badges. I won’t spend $20 to look cool in a game.

Again, I appreciate Respawn’s efforts to make the situation better, they still have missed the mark in my opinion.

Edit: Think of it this way. Say you want 3 of the skins, who cares about the rest. That’s $54 you have to spend. THATS DISGUSTING! It’s literally a sick joke.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/crebhj/18_a_skin_still_to_much/

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