A Mate and I Found someone basically cheating…

Pic Related: So, idk if this should be allowed or not….i personally see this as cheating and that it should be a ban-able offence. Anyways here's the scoop. A friend and i joined a game and had a random in the team, he changed me to jump master, jumped solo and went to the middle of the map, we dropped where we were going and looted up. We then went and caught up with him to obviously stick together as a team….me and my friend died to another team and when we asked for help our teammate ran away. We stayed and watched him for the rest of the game and found out all he was doing was finding his friend which was on another team and farming damage with him. They would loot for nothing but healing items and then punch each other till low health, heal up then rinse and repeat….they did that for the entire game. Now the reason im posting is i want to know other people thoughts on this

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/bvyj6e/a_mate_and_i_found_someone_basically_cheating/

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