A message to Respawn

So with your new Iron Crown Event, i get the feeling you have misjudged a few things ($$$)… and for that you deserve the backlash that you are getting.

Now i get it you need to make money, thats the only way this great game is going to move forward and improve. So i put this to you keep event the way you have it….. for your whales who are going to spend that kind of money on the game. But also think for your dedicated player base aswell, these are the people who play YOUR game daily and love YOUR game.

So keep it the same but why not add a ''Iron Crown Pass'' for people who want to grind out rewards for this event and not just pay for them, or miss out on the skins that they want. So make a ''LUXURY PASS for $20-$40'' where players can grind out the skins they want. And you dont even have to make it an easy grind, do something like 24 hard challenges that you have 2 weeks to accomplish, with the option of buying the heirloom Skin at the end of it.

For the challenges have x amount of kills, wins, damage, kills with weapon types, headshots. You have the data to make these as hard as you need them to be and make the player go the extra mile for the skins want.

A system like this will make the dedicated players and the casual player who want to support the game, be able to support it and have some progression for the event. Which is what mose players want.

Thanks for makeing a great game and getting an older gamer back into the genre he loves to play.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/cq1mct/a_message_to_respawn/

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