A solution to the shop that makes everyone happy

The community has been saying three main things about the in-game currencies

1) the cost of skins is TOO DAMN HIGH

2) we don't have anything to spend legend tokens on.

3) after what u/dko5 and u/jayfresh_respawn stated that the discounts didn't affect skin sales many people pointed out an $18 to $12 discount doesn't change much because you still have to pay $20.

So what if we had the skins purchasable as they are right now for 1,800 coins, but ALSO have the option to buy the skin for 1,000 apex coins (i.e. one $10 coin pack) and 30,000 legend tokens (i.e. 50 levels worth)

This would allow players to purchase skins at the $10 price point which from what I've seen on this subreddit, seems to be the upper-threashold for most players for a cosmetic item, give us an outlet for our tokens, and increase skin sales hopefully increasing Respawn's revenue.

Please Respawn, I'm just asking that you guys try something like this for a shop rotation or two, see if it works, if not, that's too bad, but if it does it could substantially increase your revenue, and help appease your fanbase.

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Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/cu4rix/a_solution_to_the_shop_that_makes_everyone_happy/

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