An ice themed legend concept


Frigid Assailant

Class- Assault

Passive- Arctic Survivor-
Frostbyte is immune to the cold, can climb ice at any angle at or above 90 degrees, and he gets a speed boost when in a snowstorm.

Tactical- Frozen Path-
Throw a ball of ice that creates a path of ice that follows the balls trajectory.

Ultimate- Snowstorm-
Create a snowstorm that eats away at enemies’ health if they are outside.

Additional Notes to explain/go more in depth on abilities:
(Tactical)- His tactical (when thrown upwards) creates a tall wall, which he can climb due to his passive. The ice paths melt in the storm and can be shot out/down. He can use his tactical once before cool down, which is 30-45 seconds. When sliding down the ice you build up speed faster than you would on normal ground. Each player can have at most 2 paths out at once

(Passive)- His passive makes all Frostbytes immune to anyone’s snowstorms and they all get the speed boost too.

(Ultimate)- When his ultimate activates, the storm storm is contained in a circular radius and the storm slowly moves in the direction the ult was thrown in. The storm works similarly to Caustic’s gas as it damages health directly. The storm lasts for 15 seconds and deals 7 damages per second (this is so a player with full health can be killed by it if they stay in it the entire time). If you are in a building that is in the storms radius, you will be immune to it (a building with just a roof will not protect you from the storm).

NOTE: I don’t really like what I put for the ult, so suggestions are welcome


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