Anyone else think Mirage could use a total rework?

In theory he's a really cool Legend, but in practice he is on the lower end of the tier list for Legends to play – for yourself, and for team comp. His passive is useless, if you know that it's a mirage going invisible when downed for 5 seconds isn't going to help, not to mention the revive shield isn't invisible – not that it matters that much anyhow.

His Tactical ability is easily recognizable by anyone with more than a few games played. The running animation is different, and if I had to guess I maybe fall for it one in a dozen times. It has a few other uses, but again in practice not a great ability. Only thing that's decent is his ultimate, but even that isn't amazing because there's a delay for going invisible and your clones just sit still.

Total rework? Or just buff some abilities?


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