Apex Legends Custom Twitch/YouTube Banner Showcase.

Hi im a beginner Graphics Designer so im showcasing my work i do Graphics Design as a hobby so i wanted to get my name out there & show my work. Yeah i know theres prob some issues like "Text Doesnt Match up" or "Stuff not centered" but im always down to improving my work. Ive made some Custom Graphics in the Facebook Apex Legends community's an they request my work quite a bit an i enjoy it so i wanted to showcase it to the reddit community. What yall think i could improve? I know i prob have alot of work to do but, I always looking for feedback.

Number which one if your favorite?











Like i said theres aways room for improvement.

Apex Communitys Feedback:

Dont worry Mods i dont mind people knowing my facebook name.



Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/cyhd9u/apex_legends_custom_twitchyoutube_banner_showcase/

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