Apex Legends performance getting worse on PC

I don't understand why game performance is getting worse every season and why it becomes more and more CPU bound over time.

I don't have a great CPU. only 4 cores, but I believe that should be more than enough for this game. I mean the game is already running on an old XBOX and Playstation 4. both of these consoles does not have what equals half my CPU performance on both single and multicore. why game performance on consoles does not change? why only on PC?

in the past we could use some commands and an exec config file to get higher frame rates. why these commands does not work anymore? are game developers trying to make game more secure from cheats. nice job we still have a lot cheaters with wall hack and aimbot… what could be worse than than these hacks?! we only getting worse experience with more stutters and lower frame rates in general. is it a marketing way to force PC gamers to upgrade? this is not a customer friendly move.

why do we use PC? because we know that nothing faster than the PC and with a good PC that is planned to last long we know that we can keep high frame rates.

anyway it is not about frame rates.. close combat gets messy…. crosshair gets insane input lag during fire fight to a something more frustrating than having 30 fps while frame rates are not bad. nvidia reflex did nothing to me. I had almost 120 fps all the time when I started playing this game. now frames drop to 55 in some areas. I just want to know if performance would get better over time so I can decide if I should leave the game and find something does not suck over time.

one thing developers should pay attention to is that their game is competitive game which means that optimizing performance is a vital element over other dump content

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/jan54n/apex_legends_performance_getting_worse_on_pc/

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