Are there any Apex guides you wish you could find?

Hey guys,

TTV_Kattzz here again, looking to help you improve at Apex! I'm gonna be on vacation for the next 3 weeks so I won't be able to play/stream at all during this time, but I still want to provide value to the Apex community while I'm gone! I'm bursting with ideas for topics I want to write about (high-ground, rotations, in-depth 20-kill guide, the list goes on…), but I also want to include you guys in the process! After all, the content is for you and should provide as much value as possible.

When I was trying to get better, there were some topics that literally nobody talked about and it was super-frustrating. If there's something you'd like to improve or have questions about, please let me know and I'll do my best to give you a solid, thorough answer!

The first thing I plan on writing while I'm gone is a revised version of my second guide about winning gunfights. A lot of the info in there wasn't fully-formed and I also posted it at like 11:30 at night so it barely got any attention (rightfully so). I'm planning on writing a much more simplified version with Action Items you can start implementing immediately in your games that will make a difference. You can expect that post sometime this weekend or early next week.

Anyway, enough about me and my plans, please comment or DM me anything Apex-related you'd like to see more content for and I'll either answer in the comments or, if it's warranted, include it in a future guide.

Best of luck in the Arena, it should be a little safer without me in there 😉

I'll leave you with an Apex haiku:

Golden loot in hand

Your servers and aim steady

Predator awaits

'Til next time,

Kattzz <3


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