Better Servers are the only QoL anyone should be focusing on.

So everyone knows how awful Apex servers can be, lag, studdering, rubber-banding, disconnects.

This isn't something to garner a reputation for, yet this game has.

The overall quality of life is knit into just about every fabric of the Server quality, and the quality is getting tiresome.

We've all seen the cycle of devs in various games trying to tweak netcode and game optimizations to get improvements , usually minor at that.

The real elephant in the room is the actual Servers, data rate and acceptable ping margins.

Unless Respawn/EA addresses this very real issue, puts real development into hosting + bandwidth, then Apex probably wont be relevant in a year, pessimistically in less than that.

This could be a real roadmap to taking a larger chunk of the BR market, by providing rock solid servers and user experience. Not going down the road of trying to milk blood from a stone, by making "adjustments" for minor or negligible results.

Apex is my go-to game, I love everything about Apex, except the stumbling servers; which seems like the only real misstep.

People are frustrated with the poor user experience, I have friends that won't play anymore because of the server issues.

cable internet with around 240Mbps down, 12 up if anyone is thinking its my end.


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