Buff ideas and QOL changes for underutilized Legends

Some ideas I had to increase the viability of the lesser used legends, as opposed to full reworks. I also added some quality of life changes I thought might benefit everyone.


  • Allow him to heal while invisible.

  • Get ride of the pointless ring of clones when activating ultimate.

  • Remove visible footsteps while in his ult.


  • Show enemy location briefly when drone is destroyed (similar to when an enemy shoots a mirage decoy).

  • Make entering and leaving the drone faster.


  • QOL: Stop gas from slowing teammates.

  • QOL: Make friendly caustic gas/barrels a different color than enemy ones.


  • QOL: Stop ult from slowing teammates.


  • Allow her to pass through enemy Wattson fences unharmed


  • His tactical should either last a little longer (tracking enemies) or the cooldown should be 15 seconds MAX, or a combination of both.

I didn't list anything for Path, Wraith, Lifeline, or Gibby because I feel like they are in a good spot at the moment. I feel like Octane could use a slight buff but I had no ideas on what they should be.

What do you guys think?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/dtnh7l/buff_ideas_and_qol_changes_for_underutilized/

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