Changes I think would benefit the game

Let me start off by saying I understand some of these changes need some work but I think they have a good base idea to work off of and they are somewhat creative in the way that it betters the game for everyone.

First: Disruptor Rounds – They are incredibly OP right now, they are working as intended on the shield, but have little to no disadvantage to using them. My proposed fix would be:
– Deal 2.25x shield damage (What they were after the first nerf) but deal somewhere between .4x to .7x damage to health. This way, it incentivize people to not only run a second gun, but brings the Disruptor Rounds off of god tier but keeps them meta and viable.

My second proposition isn't anything that is fun or creative, its just a suggestion – NERF THE LONGBOW
The Longbow either needs a fire rate nerf or an ammo capacity nerf. Currently in ranked, every person who can get their hands on a longbow, has one. You can't peak your head out for even 2 seconds without taking atleast 100 damage. With that said, I do not want this gun to be overnerfed to the point where it isnt viable, its a pretty skilled sniper with the bullet drop and travel time. Its just a little too overpowered for its type.

Proposition 3: Team based elimination in ranked only.
Hear me out on this, at first I thought this idea would be very illogical and would incentivize cheating, but if you bar cheating once Respawn gets it under control, this would fix a large part of the ranking systems flaws in my opinion. My biggest complaint about ranked so far is that it doesn't reward damage. Someone with 1400 damage could get less points than someone with 350 damage. With this implementation, squad members who do at least 20 damage (number could vary) to an opponent that another squad member downs, will get the RP point for that kill. This would prevent someone lazering a Wraith for 170 damage only for their squadmate to get a lucky longbow shot off and take that point from them. There could be a max amount of squadmate down points you could gain (say 3 points max from assisted knock downs)

An alternative to this would be a Hardline Pro type of implementation from Call of Duty, every other assisted knockdown/ elimination would give the credit for 1 kill.

Thank yall for reading this, I know it is a lot but I really feel like this could make this game better and more balanced. Please leave your thoughts, ideas, or criticisms below, I would absolutely love to hear what yall think about my propositions.


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