Concerned about the weapon buffs.

I am seriously concerned about the decisions that respawn has made with the weapon buffs. The Alternator is the main one. It can kill a person with full purple armor in nine shots, and it shatters purple/gold in three shots. If you run Alternator and P2020, both with the mod you can kill in six bullets total with weapon swapping.

Once people figure this stuff out the game is going to get really toxic, really fast. One of the best parts about Apex was the longer TTK which allowed you to win gunfights where you didn't get first shot, it allowed for crazy pushes and aggressive play, it let you shine if your Gunskill is high level. Now though, with the speed that you can die, that's out the window. On top of that, it's made much of the weapon pool irrelevant. There is no longer any reason to run any SMG other than the Alternator and because of its long range/the fact that it wipes purple and gold armor in three shots, you don't really need an AR. You can easily shatter shield from very far away and then push aggressively.

I'm not really sure why Respawn's answer to some guns being weak was to make those guns overly powerful to a point where the old meta weapons are irrelivent. Yes I will adapt, yes I'll still play, no I don't suck, if you can't handle an intelligent discourse on the merits of an update then fuck off back to meme posts and leave the discussions to the big boys. There are some big issues with this update and if they're not talked about they won't be addressed. As it stands now there is only one automatic weapon you should be using and it's an Alternator. P2020 three hitting non armored is just preposterous as well. The fact that you can three hit with an Alternator to pop shield then three bullet with a 2020 for a total of a six bullet kill on a purple armored player is just fucking dumb. For reference it takes 12 spitfire bullets to do the same. The hop up alternator shatters purple in three shots and so does the wingman, just to put this in more ridiculous terms. A wingman with slow fire rate that serves as a high damage hand cannon breaks shield with the same bullet count as a fully automatic SMG that has a 26 bullet purple clip. If you can defend that from a balance perspective then please do so below without resorting to insults.


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