Console players using Mouse & Keyboard

Do you think this type of practice is becoming common in console? especially in rankeds.

I'm a Diamond so sometimes I play against preds and I have been able to watch some players playing after they kill me and the camera it's always moving very smoothly, plus they have literally PERFECT recoil, they move around doing air-strafe and lot of wall-jumping. (Wall jump it's easy to do with controller if you have the Ninja conf. but air-strafe I think it's very complicated) And not to mention the insane flick shots they always do with PK or Wingman.

It's kinda hard to notice because you can be watching a very skilled controller player that knows how to perfect control recoil of weapons at mid range and knows how to flick shot with a very very high sensitivity but I think everything it's in the movement, how they move when they slide-jump, etc. There's where you can discover someone using mouse & keyboard (which it's not allowed without an adapter)

But in console there is no reporting system and there's no punishment to players who take advantage of this so everybody it's free to do this to get higher in ranked without any problem.

This video it's an example of someone playing with mouse in console:


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