Crypto is the only different legend

After seeing the Mirage buffs, and knowing Octane and Lifeline are having some in a near future, I think it's time to talk about Crypto.

From what I know (correct me if I'm wrong) Crypto is the only legend that doesn't have any "selfish" ability.

-Bloodhound's Ultimate makes them more aggressive.

-Gibraltar has the gun shield.

-Lifeline has fast heals.

-Pathfinder has the grapple.

-Wraith has "Into the Void".

-Bangalore has "Double Time".

-Caustic has "Nox Vision" .

-Mirage cloaks when he gets down.

-Octane has the Stim and auto healing.

-Wattson's ultimate charges with only one Accelerant and the Pylon boosts her Tactical recharge.

-Revenant crouch walk is faster and climbs higher.

-Loba can look through walls for good loot and has the teleport.

All the abilities mentioned before only affect their respective legends and don't *directly* affect their teammates.

The only thing Crypto has for himself is that his weapons reload while in drone view, which is cool but honestly compared to the other legends it's almost nothing.

As a Crypto main I wish he gets something new for himself (It doesn't have to be OP of course) But something that only he can enjoy and maybe this could improve his character as the hacker that he is.

Feel free to suggest any changes you would like to see for him


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