Current state of the game.

I was playing this game since it came out. I had fun playing solo or with friends but the lack of content and bugs bothered me so I took a 1 month break.

I Came back to Apex yesterday and I'm surprised to see how toxic and frustrating this game has become. I played solo for about 4 hours and to quickly summarize what happened during those 4 hours ;

2 Players pinging one location, then going somewhere else.

( friendly ) Caustic players who wait patiently for you to heal in a corner just to block you with his traps.

Audio and hit reg bugs.

the random player who keeps rushing solo 1v3, gets downed, and leaves instantly. And so on…

I may have gotten bad luck with teammates but I'm sure some people can relate. Anyway, I'm just sad to see how toxic this game has become because I loved playing Apex when it came out and I can't wait for the next patch which is supposed to fix some technical issues


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