Dear Respawn and players: concerns w/ Apex Elite

A while ago when Apex just launched and was getting more and more popular by the hour, I made a post about a concern, or rather a direction I think the game could avoid, I will not repeat what I said in this post, instead I will link it here: ( /r/apexlegends/comments/aryeoc/please_apex_if_you_ever_go_esports/ )

So, 3 months later and look what we got, Apex Elite, which aims to be the competitive branch of Apex Legends.

And how do you get access to it? By finishing the match at 5th place or better. Kills, damage, doesn't matter, so if you are not confident that you are going to win a fight or don't wanna take the risk but still wanna be "Elite" all you gotta do is hide until there is only 5 squads left.

I know that it might be temporary and its too soon to say that "competitive" apex is just like other BRs that you camp until its impossible. But Apex Elite being the way it is currently, its a step in the wrong (/boring) direction. Twitch rivals was a good example of a exciting competitive way to play Apex. Some people like to play it safe and I got nothing against this way of playing, but if Apex wants to have success as a game and as a competitive game too, IMHO as a competitive player, it should reward fearless and skilled players, rather than one thats willing to hide and wait the match to end.

Most of the time that I touch this topic, some people come with the argument: Its a BR game so wins whos the last standing. You are right, but a great game like Apex, should'nt be concerned with meeting the "standards" of a typical BR game (Otherwise Apex would not "stomp" PUBG, besides being fast paced and action packed, whats the difference between PUBG and Apex?), also I dont think that as a player or as spectator, people would be disappointed that a player that constantly plays aggresively is better awarded than one that is the last surviving and nothing more.

I think that Apex Elite is much better than nothing, dont get me wrong, but I hope that Respawn doesnt plan to keep it that way. Maybe Apex Elite could only be awarded to the squad if they have a certain number of eliminations to prevent hiding. Or maybe Respawn could make a second branch that takes into account elims + positioning, and the top 5 scoring squads get awarded, similar to Twitch Rivals scoring system. (I know that this would have some post-death issues since you would have to wait to the match to end to know if you got it or no.)


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