EA is banning people from Apex with no reason ?

So I recently reinstalled Apex Legends again because I wanted to play the game again and I found out on the 9. 28. that I got banned from the game on the 5. 28. I was scared that someone got into my account but no nothing I don't think anyone did. I didn't get any emails about it or anything. I changed the passwords and everything just to be sure.
What I did next was contact EA ban support. Then I found out I was banned for the reason: "your account was involved in cheating"
which seemed weird to me because from what I know no-one got into my account and I know for sure that I wasn't involved in any type of cheating and I didn't :
• use software that interferes with or disrupts an EA Service or another user’s account.
• use undocumented features, exploits or cheats in-game that disrupts an EA Service or another user’s account.
• use software or cheats that disconnects other users from the EA servers.
So I thought of well maybe I may have broken the ToS in some way so I have read everything in the terms of service and I didn't find anything I may have broken.

first time contacting EA support

So I went and contacted customer support again this time I did: hacked account.
I got in a chat with live support and I asked if someone did get into my account if they can see if someone connected to my account from a different location.
they told me that he will talk to the other team that specialises in hacked account that got banned and they will write me an email and tell me if someone got into my account etc.
and this is the email i got. Nothing mentioned why was the reason I got banned nothing about if someone did get in my account or not, nothing. They wont tell me a reason why I got banned or give me any information on this situation.
I at least want to know a reason why I was banned.
Did i get into a match with a cheater without leaving the match?
Did someone get into my account and cheat?
Was I reported too many times?
what was it?

second time contacting EA support

I hope everyone who has the patience to read this understands why I'm mad. Because getting banned when you broke no rules and given practically 0 reason is ridiculous.
They refuse to give me any info on my case that's why I'm frustrated.

Thanks for having the patience to read all this I'd like someone from EA to see this so I could finally get some answers.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/j3hrcs/ea_is_banning_people_from_apex_with_no_reason/

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