Have Gibraltar’s shield protect you from the rings damage or recharge health.

Me and my wife play apex together and we are very team oriented. We are decent players and enjoy playing as a team and helping out. We always revive, or grab banners, We don’t take someone’s dibs, we always have our randoms back.

So on character select I was away from the screen and my main was taken and I was automatically selected as Gibraltar. No big deal, I will play as any character and have fun with it.

The random was jump master and never pinged a spot and the drop-ship ended up kicking us out. So we land at the edge of the map (slum lake). The circle was over water treatment.

Our random Disconnects after a minute of not moving and it’s just my wife and me. No biggie, it’s fun to try and win as a duo. So we loot and load up and make our way to water treatment. About the time we got by the bunker we get attacked from behind.

At this point the ring was already closing and close to us. We fight off the team and heal up. Mid heal here comes the 3rd party fun. I throw some cover for my bruddahs and then drop the bombs to give us a second to finish healing. The ring has pasted us now and we are fighting In it.

While we were trying to smartly fight off these guys in the ring, another team 3rd partied the team that 3rd partied us. So we decided to 3rd party the team that 3rd partied the team that 3rd partied us. An Apex inception.

We luckily survived and by this point the ring was closing again and close to water treatment. We were still by bunker. And very low in health and not enough syringes and med kits to make it. We eventually fall to the storm around market.

During our time running to our deaths I was thinking “man if I was wraith I might be able to use her ability to help just a little bit from the storm” then my mind started going through other possibilities.

What if gibby could throw his shield down and it also protected you from ring damage or heal you slowly while inside? So far Wraith is the only one with the ability to be immune to ring damage and lifeline to heal. I know this would not be a feature that is going to make Gibraltar the main for everyone, but it could be a nice little feature to throw in. I’m sure some people would try and abuse it in the last ring, but it does work both ways (protects/heals the enemy if they are in it).

Would this have helped us survive that trek? Maybe lol. But during our 3rd party inception fight it might have blocked the rings damage on us enough to save that much more health to make it.

This is just an idea, so all you sweaty players check your emotions before you start your “GeT GuD” stuff. Because…..

Don’t care here…. level 4!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/c492es/have_gibraltars_shield_protect_you_from_the_rings/

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