I don`t want to be that guy….BUT why is the game dying so fast?

I`ve played battle royals since Arma III mod. I`ve got PUBG in the first week of early acces and that game was horible at a shit ton of things but it had the advantage that was the first pure BR. They didn`t add a new map for a whole new year and it still grew month by month.

I know that nowdays there is a shit ton of BRs but Apex is dying off in just a couple of months seems wierd, because it`s on of the best BRs. Yes I know there isn`t too much of "content" added but let`s be real here, PUBG hasn`t got much added to it(3 new maps 2 of which nobody plays and 10 guns in 2-3 years) and yet PUBG is still going strong. Fortnite updates the game a lot more reguraly but they overwork their devs so that`s not good.

Why are people getting bored so fast nowdays? Why can`t people enjoy a good game without getting updates any other day?

I remember when we would play a game for a couple of years and be happy, yet nowdays if the game doesn`t get major updates every week it dies off in a couple of months. My friends quit Apex and went back to playing LoL, PUBG and Dota, games that have been the same for the past few years but yet they got bored by Apex in just 4 months.

I really hope Respawn is taking their time to get a good Season 2 out, because if they don`t this game is gonna die forever and i`m gonna have to find a new favorite game.

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