I finally guilt tripped someone to have a conscience and drop the purple shield I dropped for him earlier

So there is this spot that drops 2 purple shields nearly 90% of the time and 1 purple shield 100% of the time including GOLD SHIELDS at the loot bin about 30% of the time

He lands with me but I only get 1 purple so i pick it up but drop it for him.

I then drop him gold backpack and gold knockdown.

I keep telling him amazing, he doesnt thank me and grabs everything i drop but wont drop me shitl.

Finally, its like he finally learned to unlock his conscience and he dropped purple for me. I told him thank you, but all that matters is the OFFER and thats ALL that counts for me, because offering me purple back shows you have a conscience and understanding of other peoples wishes and emotions and feels.

Anyway, I told him every time that I offer someone my purple, the universe does magic and each time I get purple shield myself at a bin. Sure enough, boom. 1 minute later he opens a bin with purple and I told him that I told you that this kind of kindness always comes back to repay as good karma..

And then I lagged out.

But still. Sharing is caring and seriously being kind like that nearly always pays off because the universe balances itself out by giving u the luck needed to pull a purple shield. I always get a purple or gold back when i give mine to a teammate.

He learned a valuable lesson and moral today.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/dw0e5p/i_finally_guilt_tripped_someone_to_have_a/

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