I think I figured out some lore???

Ok so I think that I know how there can be no in lore consequence for a legend dying and how Bagalore can have 3 hands at once, Lifeline multiple drones, Bangalore's ult, etc etc…
The whole Apex games are a simulation. We know things like this are possible because of Titanfall where we see that the map War Games is a simulation (and the gauntlet, and some others). Let's address how this could explain some things:
1: The legends are all playing a game, that's why there's no impact if someone dies and can ve resurrected (yes, I am aware that Revenant and Pathfinder could have multiple bodies and cloning could be a potential answer for other ones). That also explains why all the call outs for getting shot sound so casual (especially Mirage)
2: Bangalore lost contact with her unit, so how does she get an air strike? If this is a simulation, the organisators could have just given her that, so it would match her personality (this being a TV show, personalities are VERY important)
3:Weird visual glitches that weren't added for lore reasons but it's nice to have closure; these things like when Lifeline is resurectubg someone and has her health drone out how there's 2, and stuff like that is possible bc simulation.
4: Lifeline's ult; do as we all know everyone's favorite combat medic comes from a humanitarian group and her ult us a literal care package. I real life this would surely be a waste of VERY valuable resources?

anyway would love to hear y'alls thoughts on this

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/gynk86/i_think_i_figured_out_some_lore/

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