I understand the game is still being polished but…

All I want is a section on the main menu I can navigate to that brings up these few things:



-Games Played


-Deaths (Because you can die more than once in a match)

(Totals for all legends)

If they are feeling saucy I would also like:


-Win/Loss Ratio

-Kill/Death Ratio

-Distance Traveled

-Average Distance Traveled per game

-Average Damage per Match

-Assist total

-Assists per match

-Favorite Gun

-Favorite Legend

-Favorite Landing Area?

-Least favorite legend

-Largest number of consecutive kills in a short time (Like halo, double, triple, overkill, killtacular…)

~~This list could be unending honestly!

-Total games you are the kill leader

-Time spent total as kill leader

-Total number of times revived after being knocked

-Total number of times revived from death

-Total number of times you have revived someone

-Total number of times you have picked someone up

-Knocked enemies

-Enemy legend you have killed the most

-Longest headshot distance

-Most damage with a single explosive

-Most damage in one game

-Number of years its been since that bitch left you and took the kids

-Most kills in one game

-Most revives in one game

-Most deaths in one game

-longest distance traveled in one game

-Shortest distance traveled in a game that you won

-Most damage taken in a single game

-Largest amount of healing done in one game

I feel like you guys get the idea. You can track anything.

I feel like the top four stats are the most important because you can figure out the K/D and W/L ratios from those.

The second list are just cool things that would be nice to have tracked in the background. All I am is someone who plays games, so I’m not sure how easy it would be to quantify these numbers, but games have been providing these kinds of stats for years. Stat trackers are always what kept me coming back. On top of stats would be a leaderboard to see how you stack up against the world and various regions.

Another interesting thing that would be cool to have in the game would be a heat map. Death locations, fire fight areas, drop areas. All that jazz.

In my eyes, the game is still being polished, but I really enjoy it better than any other battle royale and shooter that is currently out. I feel like stat trackers and leaderboards are something that will be added somewhere down the line, but who knows. A boy can dream.

TLDR: A stat and leaderboard screen would be a nice addition eventually.

What other kinds of stats would you like to see tracked in this game?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/buhf5c/i_understand_the_game_is_still_being_polished_but/

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