I would rather have a new map than ranked mode

I don't want a Ranked Mode because:

  1. Competitive Stress – you know the sweaty, shaky feeling. I don't like it even if I win. I feel the badges and stat trackers are enough to show how good you are. 20 kill badge – ya, that guy is good. And like Overwatch, you're gonna start getting smurfs on a free to play game – not fun when rank is on the line. Badges and stat trackers completely remove this stress while still being able to show skill.
  2. It's a BR – I wish the philosophy was "no matchmaking, everyone is going to be put in the queue and we will optimize on creating 60 man lobbies as fast as possible". I love Apex because of its SUPER fast matchmaking. I also like the RNG of having a mix of good players and bad players in the 60 man game. Honestly, it's not fun for me to have all 60 players at my skill level. Each fight would be a "try hard" fight – a HUGE part of the fun for me in Apex is that there's a mix of easy and hard fights. It's a BR!

Rather than having the developers spend all their time on this ranked mode, I would MUCH rather have them spend their time on creating a new map. King's Canyon is getting very old and stale – even if they add some small additions to it, it's just not enough. I wish we had a new map (or multiple new maps).

Edit: Here's an idea! Make the new maps cost $$ or make it part of the season pass! DLC from the Halo days – this will provide some revenue to Respawn. Win-win for both sides.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/c1uk5z/i_would_rather_have_a_new_map_than_ranked_mode/

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