idc if DEVS are going to see but some1 gotta explain the current issue with APEX. *solution*

Okay I'm here going to explain u guys why apex is dying everyday little by little and how DEVS can actually take a step towards betterment.

  1. What happens is that a new players/low-skilled player comes to Apex, he really likes the gameplay, mechanics, weapons and everything about Apex at first.
  2. Then after a very short while, he begins to start getting matched with players who have 2000 more hours than this new player, he can't compete them in any manner i.e Aim, Movement, Positioning, GameSense, Weapons Choice bla bla and he literally gets shredded by them instantly and same things happens over n over.
  3. Now the issue is not that they got matched with these high level/skilled/exp/ranked players, the real ISSUE is that there is no proper LEARNING ENVIRONMENT for them, where they could actually improve.
  4. They try to watch pro players or streamers and try to copy their player style, they try to pick R99/Wingman just because they saw a player using them but when it comes to actual play where aiming on juking players, movements, positioning etc matters, they just get shredded. They can't understand where is the fault i.e aim, tracking, movements, team, positioning.
  5. As a result due to lack of learning environment these new players can't actually improve properly unless they spend abnormal amount of time surviving in the match, half of the time they don't find gun with which they are trying to improve and the other half 10k Kills STAT players just drops them in matter of seconds because of his movements. Most of these high stat players, play in a party of 3 so they end of dominating 80% of their games. As a result new/avg player ends up leaving the game.
  6. I could go on explaining the lack of learning environment but i think u guys got my point, now how the DEVS can actually address this problem?

– If they create a new mode, All-DEATHMATCH or TDM mode, comprising of 10 players constantly spawning within 3-4 seconds after death in a small area, with the choice of their gun w/ common attachments(exception of rarity on scopes ) and a rare shield etc stuff. Maybe a Skulltown only mode with instant spawns.
– Players would be able to get 30 duels in like 10mins, unlike 1 duel in 20min in case of normal match, so 100X more chances to actually improve.
– New players or anyone who actually want to improve his game, can just hop in these deathmatch modes, practice on their movements with their favorite guns and then after developing confidence, becoming comfortable with the guns which actually suits them instead of just copying streamers. In this way they get a proper learning environment and can actually improve and compete already present experienced players.

—> I actually feel bad to see Apex dying slowly, I really love Apex mechanics and actually wants to enjoy game but these 5k 10k kills STAT players just won't let me have fun. Therefore I'm sure this new mode can help anyone practice/improve their game in a proper environment.
A few days back, I was surfing APEX FB-group and this guy who was literally crying explaining he wants to improve, but these predators just won't let him either enjoy or improve.. So that was the moment i thought of writing this and suggesting a decent solution to this issue.
I'll really appreciate if some1 could forward this to a DEV or make a DEV aware of this suggestion, for the sake of Apex Community.


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