Ideas for possible updates?

There many ideas I have for gamesmodes/weapons or characters…

1.for a game mode for an event as pathfinder, it should be a pistol only gamemode called "up-close and personal". For the area, it should replace the area right next to repulse or other wise called, the gas station. And of course the area needs to be pathfinder themed, so add big jumps, high places, ziplines for non-pathfinders and walls that are needed to be climbed.

2.A character idea should be a person that has the ability of throwing an EMP granade that disables map and does the arc star effect, an the ultimate ability of an electric explosion that has the explosion area of a 4×4 radius of Bangalores missiles like 16 of them in a square that does the aerostar effect that can destroy a purple sheild in one shot, but does 25 damage to normal hp.

  1. We need an energy weapon that acts like an SMG, kinda like a charged up R-99 that takes a second to charge but does 10 damage per shit but shoots 1.5x faster then the R-99…

4.For new area, we need to be able to swim, swimming would add a lot of new possible areas, even underground, or a stealthy aprouch. Imagine an underwater battle.

  1. Final, for a new heirloom, it should be for pathfinder, the heirloom should look like a replacement for his arm that replaces it with a wrench/sword style saw blade… his back story was to be a helper robot but was left behind fight?

For anyone who has other ideas ide like you to tell me because I would like to know, it shows me who you are and how you play. If there is anything you agree with, comment or like…(you dont have to, it's just because I want to know if you like my ideas or have some you thought of.[aka I like this game.])


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