I’m not having as much fun as I was in Season 1

Disclaimer before reading: If you're going to be elitist and comment on my skill level despite knowing nothing about me, please leave. Also, no I do not play all day everyday, game fatigue has nothing to do with it. I still enjoy Apex despite my complaints, I'm just not having AS MUCH (key words) fun.

Here are my reasons:

  1. I can't stand stand how strong the storm is now. YES I UNDERSTAND IT SHOULD BE FEARED, AND SMART ROTATIONS ARE IMPORTANT, I'M NOT AN IDIOT. I've been playing since day 1. But…. to me ( and my friends) It's more frustrating than actually a challenging or fun mechanic. You get into even a single fight anywhere not near the ring and any of your teammates get knocked, they're probably dead. There's no point of trying to resurrect someone if the ring is closing in on you, they're just going to die in two ticks of the storm. Getting an unlucky drop not near the first ring just makes the game so much more stressful, and it makes you not want to do anything but spend half the game rotating. Landing places like Swamps, Relay, and Slums has just become an increasingly frustrating, boring, and poor choice now. I used to love Slums, but now I don't want to risk being near the edge of the map anymore.
  2. Hiding meta. This has been brought up a million times so I'll keep it brief. I get that it's a battle royale game, but it's also a SHOOTING GAME, where you SHOOT. I'm not saying everyone needs to play like a TTV sweat, but god damn do I hate just looting all game, then rotating, then hiding. Shooting is what makes Apex so fun, not hiding for wins and placement. A game is supposed to be fun, not dull. I love winning just like anyone else too, but it's not satisfying winning just because you sat in a corner for 15 minutes. The addition of Wattson and making the storm stronger only amplifies this, fights are just too risky and hiding is just too smart and strong.
  3. Disruptors are still obnoxious post nerf. I'm all for meta changes, they keep the game fun an interesting. I also understand that the best way to counter something OP is to use it yourself. But that's the issue, a balanced game should always offer the most choice in your loadouts, as many weapons as possible should be viable, and you should be able to play how you like and want. But the fact of the matter is, if you're not running a Alternator with Disruptors you're factually at a disadvantage against anyone who is. The Devotion and R-99 might have similar DPS but they also have more downsides like spool-up time, being hard to control, muzzle flash, ect. Plus Disruptor damage is all front loaded damage which makes it stronger than R-99 since it makes it a very powerful combo weapon.
  4. Third Partying. I'll admit, there's literally nothing you can do about this in a BR game. It's always going to happen. I do however think it's been amplified by my first two complaints. A lot of the time the only fights that are actually safe to take are the ones than you can just swoop in an finish quickly. You don't want to get caught in the super OP storm, or become the victim of a third party yourself. So it's usually just best to never take a fight unless two other teams initiated it first. It never felt this best in S1, third parties happened, but it wasn't like a 4th, 5th, 6th, party every single fight.

Idk, just my opinion you're 100% allowed to disagree but I'm pretty sick of the "tHiS iS a Br GaMe" argument. As if I don't know how to play the game.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/cfrl8m/im_not_having_as_much_fun_as_i_was_in_season_1/

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