is respawn letting apex die?

Im so frustrated by the curse the game is taking, it's boring to play, frustrating, it's so repetitive, same glitches and bugs patch after patch, ppl complaining about the same glitches and patches and respawn just comes out with a "patch" that adds cosmetics only, they nerfed the r301 when nobody complained about it, i've seen legion of players complaining about longbow being broken, and they nerf other weapon instead, footsteps it's been a problem since forever and now it's worse than ever, sound goes off for no reason, servers are running at 20hz again so they are laggy 24/7, their esports tourny was beyond pathetic, big streamers dont want to play this game anymore, among so many wrong things, i love the game and seeing it die like this frustrates me, i drop in any town and 2 minutes later there are only 3 or 2 squads left, this is straight stupid, what happened to this game? how did it get ruined like this? smurf players on controllers abusing aim assist with macro's and god knows what, i get spraid by lvl40's that have over 1 thousand kills 24/7, and most of them are TTV's, when i look at their stream they are all controller players, it's super unfun to play like this.. anyone else feeling like this? Sorry for the wall of text


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