Is this game being balanced by reddit?

-The Mozambique was left as a meme status while still being included in competitive modes

-The wingman got a 4 shot mag, a change that does nothing if you find attachments BUT make it super annoying.

-The spitfire is just an AR with triple the mag size, no typical lmg drawbacks.

-The sprint out time on the peacekeeper is appalling

-Everyone complains about third and fourth party firefights, but they remove bhop healing, cause that makes sense somehow

-Pathfinder is still large character with a matchstick sized hitbox, spanning across multiple balance changes

-Hipfire is being encouraged due to the excessive muzzle flash, forcing RNG into gunfights

-The competitive queue is just there to encourage camping. And it is made 10x worse by the current pathfinder/longbow meta
•A teammate can dodge to keep a win streak
• Only one player on the team needed to hit top 5
•Losses are forgiven if you lose your streak

So I gotta ask… is this game really ready for a true competitive mode? If you’re gonna do something like that you have to balance around high level play, not cater to the most casual section of the player base.


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