Issues that myself and others have

These issues are affecting a lot of good players/people that I know.

-they shouldn't have given such a drastic nerf towards wraith/lifeline/pathfinder just because they are the most popular characters and the good players know how to use them effectively

-same goes towards buffing the caustic and Gibraltar just because they were under played characters. If players dont want to play them, dont force it. You're ruining the mains that many people have put so much time and effort into

-the servers are trash for ranked. I'm currently plat 1 and I'm struggling to get to diamond because of the pure fact that it takes me 10-30 minutes just to play a single match (yes I understand that it MIGHT level out deeper into the season)

-players that are bronze/silver/gold/etc should be compensated for if they are put into a higher tier lobby, I keep getting put into games with lower tier players that are getting absolutely destroyed by platinum/diamond tier players, the same should go for me being paired with lower tier players and getting wiped by a stacked squad

-I understand that the game is about becoming the champion but they shouldn't base the entire point system for ranked off of getting 1st place. It forces camping and is ruining the game. They should have a better point system leaning towards evenly earned point for kills and placement. They should also add a system to earn points based off damage, they are so many games where I've dealt a insane amount of damage with little to no kills


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