Jumpmaster Pet Peeves

Hello. I've (and I'm sure MANY others) stumbled across pretty good jumpmasters, but there's always those we can't stand. I'm going to list some and I'm mostly ranting as calm as possible since I just met with one of them. You don't have to agree.

• Jumpmasters that never jump when their teammates ping somewhere and instead pass the jumpmaster whenever they could've easily dropped. I mean this as… say the ship is near Slum and you ping from Pit to Bunker to Skulltown to Water Treatment, but they never drop. Now I know, they probably needed to do something.. however if you need to do something, please pass the jumpmaster immediately. If someone says it, solo dropping might mean you might not land with your teammates so..

• Jumpmasters that frantically change directions/pings after the initial one. Say the jumpmaster wants to go to supply ship, drops just to go there, then changes direction into somewhere like Skulltown, but then all of the sudden the jumpmaster is actually on the supply ship. It's not that big of a deal, but they don't jump off quick enough resulting in their banner being stuck on the supply ship and no way to get it. But that's only a supply ship situation. There's plenty of others. I'm sure there are some situations where this is necessary, but sometimes it's annoying.

• Jumpmasters who NEVER ping where they want to go. I'm sorry, but this ticks me off immensely. They don't follow their teammates' pings and when they drop they never actually ping it. Sometimes they will switch directions too.

These are my Hot takes and I can't wait for solo to return. I'm sure one of these is situational, but I'm also sure we've been like this before. Wonder if you guys have any to add on?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/cxomkp/jumpmaster_pet_peeves/

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