Kings Canyon if it comes back

So I don’t want to make a Kings canyon post being like “I want it back” or its “so much better than WE” cause I don’t really believe either of those, but at the same time I know a lot of people have mentioned about wanting King’s canyon to come back, and I wanted to add my own twist. Personally, I was a S2 player so i don’t have as much attachment to KC as many of you and I really like WE as well.

All that out of the way, I think it would be really cool if KC comes back to have all the areas have a town takeover, like the gauntlet or labs. Imagine an airbase that has a pathfinder take over, a hydro dam with a Wattson takeover, bunker for caustic, etc. I mean these are just some examples and aren’t perfect or nearly fully hashed out. But like the Wattson area could have map fences, caustics bunker could have map barrels that drop in at request of a team or timer, Bangalore could have smoke launcher triggered similar to the barrels, mirage which IMO should be market could have timed decoys of not just mirage but all legends randomly assigned to a location or legend. There are so many cool ways that the Devs could change up KC for a future season, to create a new map feel but still play into the nostalgia of KC.

Anyway thank you for reading my thoughts and for sorting by new.


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