Legend Idea: Ragno

TL;DR: A legend who's Passive allows him to climb any object no matter the height and stay stuck to walls at any point. Their Tactical is a throwable Web Trap that slows enemies to almost a halt and obscures their vision. The Ultimate increases their melee damage, increases their climbing speed, and replaces the Web Traps with Spider Drones that attack, attach to, and reveal the positions of enemies.

Background: One of the youngest legends to enter the arena, Ragno is here to show the world what his inventions can do. Born and raised in Florence, Italy, Ragno is a bright minded and optimistic individual. Excited to learn and a self-taught inventor, he has always tried to create something that would change the world. When he created his magnum opus, what he refers to as S.T.I.K.I.E gear, he knew he had to share it's potential with the world, and what better way to show off its applications in both the work field and military than to head to King’s Canyon and use it in combat.

Tactical Ability (Web Traps): Ragno is equipped with two small cylinders which he throws around like grenades. These traps explode when they come close to an enemy, ensnaring them in synthetic glue. This web-like material obscures the vision of anyone hit and slows them down to almost nothing. The glue itself does not stay on opponents for very long, however, so it is important to strike quickly. The Web Traps can also be stuck to walls to lay traps, although they will not be as effective.

Passive Ability (S.T.I.K.I.E. Gear): Ragno’s S.T.I.K.I.E. gear allows him to quickly and quietly climb any wall in his way. He can also stop on a wall at any time and stay in place, allowing for ambushes, unthinkable escapes, and stealthy sniping positions.

Fortified: This legend takes 15% less damage

Ultimate Ability (Venomous Fangs): Ragno’s Ultimate reveals a more deadly aspect to his equipment. His S.T.I.K.I.E. gear will increase his climbing speed and make him nearly 4x stronger than the average man (increases melee damage to 100). His Web Traps will also be replaced with two Spider Drones that will actively hunt down and attack the closest enemy. Although they aren't very sturdy or powerful, they will remain on an enemy for 10 seconds, revealing the grabbed enemies position to your entire squad every few seconds.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/cfr9cj/legend_idea_ragno/

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