Leviathans underwhelming?

The Leviathans feel a bit…underwhelming to me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome seeing them on the map and using them for cover/anti-air strike but they honestly feel kinda bland I guess.

One thing is that they don’t affect gameplay except in very situational scenarios. Take the flyers, for example, they don’t do much when flying or perched on a rock, but players HAVE to shoot them to get what they’re carrying, risking giving their position away to nearby teams. Even the caged flyers have to be avoided or executed in a loud manner.

Leviathans just kinda sit around, adding nothing to the gameplay except blocking air strikes or roaring loudly when you’re trying to listen to footsteps (more of a personal gripe on that note)

My proposition is that since we know that you can shoot their sternum to potentially make them raise a foot, that should be the only way they can do it. That way, it can be a risk-reward potentially higher since I’ve seen purple armor under them way often than Phoenix kits. Plus it’d make sense that they’d raise their foot and stomp down, because they want to squash whatever is shooting at them instead of currently how they do it for no reason. Maybe they’re stretching their legs??

TL;DR make leviathans more than just a nice set piece or anti-air strike. They’re too cool looking.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/cmxid2/leviathans_underwhelming/

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