Lifeline “Side grade”

What do you guys think on this topic?
Any ideas?

I think a nice little change would be to her ult. maybe you could choose what kind of gear you’d like to receive, still being randomised of course e.g.

  • defensive gear (shields, both knockdown and armour)

  • heals (batts, meds, cells, syringes)

  • attachments for specific weapon types

(Snipers: stocks, sights, extended mags)
(Shotguns: bolts, sights)
(LMG, SMG, ARs: stocks, sights, extended mags)

You’d pick in game what kind of gear you receive from the ult and it’s randomised to the rarity of the items. So you could choose for example weapon upgrades for sniper rifles and the ult could bring in those specific items.

What do you guys think of my suggestion??


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