Loba is NOT the legend this game needs. Another loot fairy doesn’t make this game interesting. We need more movement based legends.

There is only one pathfinder, and we all love him. He plays super unique flys around the map like the God of thunder dropping 120 peacekeeper damage bombs from the sky. High skill ceiling lots of fun legend that keeps every game fresh because each fight is different and there's essentially an infinite amount of roll outs you can use to engage/disengage. Playing pathfinder rewards you for making big brain plays.
We don't want a legend that's going to ruin the balance by giving her squad all gold body armor.

The next legend:

should be another movement based legend. Sorry octane fans jumping in a predictable arc doesn't really count as a movement based legend.

Perhaps get creative and give us a legend with a rocket booster that can scale buildings, or a legend that has a different style of grapple. Or a legend that has a pogo stick that lets you bounce off walls. The movement is what makes this game awesome. Valorant is a crouch walk simulator boring asf. Apexs movement is what makes this game God tier. Despite the shite servers we all keep coming back for more because the movement and gun play is a literal fking master piece of game design.

SO PLEASE give us more of what makes this game great.


more movement based legends plz and thank you.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/fzl6lj/loba_is_not_the_legend_this_game_needs_another/

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