Mirage Buff Ideas

So we’ve all heard that mirage is getting a buff relatively soon so I thought it’d be fun to decide on ideas for it. I’m gonna suggest one in each category (passive, tactical and ultimate) and try to keep them pretty balanced. That being said, feel free to go crazy in the replies. Speculation and imagination is what makes this fun.

This is his weakest category by far. Mirage pretty much doesn’t have a passive. He turns invisible for a few seconds when he goes down? You’re already out of the fight at this stage! It’s useless. It CAN help you sneak off and use a gold knockdown on occasion but that’s extremely rare. If we’re gonna keep this as his passive, keep him invisible for longer and drastically increase his movement speed while down. Or randomly create downed decoys crawling around so the enemy can’t figure out the real one.

For an alternative passive, I suggest that when he is shot, he turns invisible for two seconds and sends out 3 decoys in random directions. This has a cool down of 45 seconds so can rarely be used twice in a fight. It’s more so that it gives you time to gather yourself and prepare for a fight rather than being caught off guard. It would be similar to Bangalore’s passive but maybe even more useful as time to gather yourself after being shot at could be SUPER good. Maybe it’s a bit much, I’m not sure. That’s the best I got for his theme.

Personally, I like his tactical. It actually catches people more than you think and helps pin point enemies who shoot it. Overall, very useful, though situational. If I was to buff this, I’d have it send out a decoy of other teammates (ie if you’re playing with a wraith, it has a chance to send out a wraith) so enemies have no choice but to shoot to be sure. I got this idea off of a YouTube video I watched a while back. I think it’d be great.

If I was to make a big change, give us a second charge so we can send out two decoys at once. With 3 mirages, the enemy would struggle with which one to shoot and could lead to some confusion. Especially if the previous mentioned buff was applied also. Which wraith do you shoot? Is it another team? Before they realize, it’s too late. You’ve already stripped their shield.

I love his ultimate. It’s a life saver and super useful for sneaking up on enemies or moving to another piece of cover while pinned. To buff it, I’d have the duration last longer (8 seconds instead of 6) and reduce (but not eliminate) the footstep audio. Maybe change the decoys also to be more useful. (Again, allow different teammates!!!!!).

I don’t expect all of these changes to be made, but if they were, Mirage would be a B tier (dare I say A tier? Too far?) legend and would be far less situational. It’d be very rewarding to become better with him, especially with his powerful ultimate and borderline OP passive. I’d love to know what you guys think though. How would you buff him? Are these too much? Or not enough? Let me know!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/g3vxq7/mirage_buff_ideas/

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