Most toxic player I’ve ever met

Today was my first day playing in a week. First match of season 6 I got matched with a level 6 wraith and no one else in trios. We landed in Worlds edge in an area above water, and immediately opened 2 loot crates. I let her have one as a nice gesture, and grabbed the other one. The one I left her had 2 level 1 evo armors, 1 backpack, and an ultimate accelerant I think. I got a longbow and some sniper amo, along with a shield battery. The wraith decided her loot sucked I assume and literally melee attacked me and pushed me over the edge into the water so she could loot my death box. Instead of reviving me, she t bagged over my death box for 2 minutes.

I really hate these types of players. I’ve already seen like 2 toxic player posts today. What the hell, guys. We’re better than this, right?

side note- looking for ps4 players to party up with, I hate randoms


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