Open letter to Respawn

Dear Respawn

Do you ever wonder why no one is playing THE NEW LEGENDS ????
You have rampart which is a nice character her ability's are nice and she can be used in competitive(rank) IF they made her with an actual plan to be used in comp(rank) instead they gave her a dump a** wall that takes forever to build and can be interrupt with one bullet (no comment about her pointless ultimate).
Lobba such a hyped legend and yet another failure and why is that ??
Reverant was so bad when released it was sad ,15 more buffs and u broke the character and now is balanced well done on that one
Crypto after 25 buffs he is still not played so often why??
Pathfinder mains keep quiting the game day by day why??? oh yea i know the reason nerf wraith again she is op right ?? No
Instead of nerfing the good legends why dont u make the others actually playable ? (like bloodhound)
Decrease the grapple to 25 sec and 20 with gold helmet.
Make Rampart walls instant so u can actually have a use of her ability's
Make Lobba's Q to reset after a knockdown so she can be mobile and actually have a use in ranked
Crypto drone should not make dmg to him or slow his teammates so he can be used in ranked matches or make his ult accessible without the need of using the drone.
There so much you can do and make the game better and more enjoyable.

Now lets talk ranked system

First of all D4 players shouldnt be matched with plat players or gold players ,D4 should be Pred lobby
that way there will be more players and shorter que times for pred lobby im sick and tired to waste 10 min between matches so i can die offspawn.
Remove Kings Canyon from ranked matches i know YOUR Statistics shows you otherwise but so as sbmm statistics and yet your game is still dying PLEASE LISTEN to the community we mean no harm we just want a better more fun and enjoyable game. No competitive ranked player wants to play KC
the structure of the map is not build for that kind of gameplay the buildings are small way to much open area there are holes in every building its no fun.
Example you get pushed by 2 squad in fragment in the main building where everyone is landing you have 3 floors +balcony and zip to play with now u get pushed by 2 squads on kc you got 2 doors to play with once they are broken its 90% game over nothing you can do.
The map is way too small for ranked games snipers are x2 more OP on KC compere to WorldsEdge.

Please Stop FORCING US to play what you think we should play we get it you want us to use energy weapons but simply i dont feel like running a volt devo havoc every game bring back the r99 and dont use the 301 in the crafting system you basically made light weapons useless when the 301 its in the crafting system its POINTLESS.
and yea bring back the choke and please no more new snipers

About Crossplay why console players cant play on pc ranked lobbys?? take a look at warzone and just use the same system its been proven that works just use the same damn thing why you have to make everything so complicated.
if console players dont wanna play with pc just toggle off crossplay end of story.

We need every second week some sort of game mode rotate the old ones or what ever but the lack of content is killing this game bring back 3rd person instead of live die live, like whos idea was for that mode ?? its not even worth playing it u die off spawn then need to wait 6minuts to get back into the game like for real i rather start a new match then watch some guy hiding see where im going with this ??Make a teamdeathmatch mode 5 squads in fragment first to 50-100 kills wins everyone will love it.You dont have to release new skins just bring more variety to the game simple as that.
And one more thing instead of working on SEASON 11 why dont u make more content for the current seasons cause the way i see it there wont be anyone to play season 11.

I have so much more to say

I love this game i played since day 1 and im sad to see it destroyed Dear Respawn do something


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