Patch predictions

Mirage – confirmed buff
Gibby – so op it’s a confirmed nerd
Octane – hitbox fix+little buff
Lifeline – buff, make her better at her job than gibby
Watson – nerf
Crypto – buff
Bangalore – neutral
Pathfinder – pretty much buff if the surveylence tower leak is true
Wraith – prob nerf to ult range
Caustic – neutral or teammate vision buff
Bloodhound – neutral
Revenant – neutral

Hemlock – accuracy buff/recoil
G7 – damage nerf
R301 – neutral
Flatline – neutral/accuracy buff/recoil

Alternator – damage buff into relevancy
R99 – neutral/recoil and accuracy nerf
Prowler – neutral

Movement speed buff
L-Star – projectile size nerf, please let me see what I’m shooting

Ammo buff/all damage buff

Eva – neutral
Peacekeeper – neutral/fortify buff to 100 damage
Mozambique – Mozambique

Wingman – neutral
P2020 – neutral
Re45 – fire rate buff damage nerf but overall higher dps

Care package weapons
Devotion – hip fire spray accuracy nerf
Kraber – neutral
Mastiff – neutral

What do you think will happen in a couple of hours? This is honestly just what I want in the game.


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