Pathfinder Ultimate Alteration

Hi Friends!

Everyone knows that Pathfinder clearly needs a buff (lul don't fkn shoot me) but I was just thinking about an alteration to his zip-line.

I haven't heard this suggestion anywhere so if there is something out there, kindly let me know! Basically, the concept would be that Path would be able to deactivate his zip-lines to make them slack (by using the ult command again). It would add another strategic layer to the character. I don't think giving him unlimited tension control would be balance-able but maybe one 'switch' during his recharge time. Also, the possibility to 'switch' enemy ziplines too!

I just randomly thought how hilarious it would be if he triggered it over a chasm while an enemy team was zipping across and they got stuck in the middle of their push attempt. Enemies would have to consider that possibility and maybe they can try to get enough momentum by swinging back and forth to get to the original platform.

If we go even further then maybe Wattson is able to interact with this ability too and electrically stimulate them.

Just a thought! Anyone have any other Legend ability alterations they'd like to see?

Anyway, thanks for reading 🙂

I love you too, friend.


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