Please for the love of god, stop listening to reddit casuals

You will ruin this game if you continue to take out skill ceilings.

Stop, leave the good players some things to set themselves above other casual player besides aim and positioning.

Bhop had 0 effect on the population BECAUSE EVERYONE CAN DO IT, it's not hard and takes no button changing. Stop being lazy the amount of time for you to complain on reddit/youtube videos, magically could have been able to bhop.

Holy shit who would've thought.

Sometimes not listening to your casuals is the better idea Apex, you're making your game slower and that's not what people came to play your game for, the fast pace of apex and the fluid movements like sliding, bhoping, etc is what put you apart from all the other battle royals.

Stop listening to everything the general populace of this game has to say.

Edit: Lets see how many pissed off reddit casuals reply to this thread.


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