Rant: If you go solo into a fight, and you die, don’t get mad at me.

This just happened recently and I hate when this constantly becomes and issue.

If we’re playing a non-ranked match, and you go into a fight BY YOURSELF and die, DON’T get mad at the rest of your squad for not pushing. Yes, there are times where you should play aggressively and take action, but there are also times where it’s best to play strategically and evaluate the situation.

Most of the time, I will follow you and play support and take action. Other times, I just simply cannot fight, whether I need to heal from a past fight, shields, or just need ammo because I have none.

Please, if you’re one of these people I wish you to work WITH your squad, not on your own. Losing a person in a squad drops the strength of the team by a lot (in most cases) and only gives the enemy team your full shields you helped them get.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/jbxyqp/rant_if_you_go_solo_into_a_fight_and_you_die_dont/

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