Scuf Controllers, KBM Controllers, and playing at a disadvantage OR “What the heck is bannable in this game?”


Friends and I were discussing that playing with a normal controller means you're playing at a disadvantage simply because you don't have as much options as a Scuf controller or a Hori Tac Pro or modded controllers. Looking up whether something is bannable is…difficult. Send me links to sources if you can.

I'm going to preface this with a little story that happened yesterday. Skip this chunk if you don't want to read it.

Yesterday, My friend and I were discussing about The Hori Tac Pro, an officially licensed product by Playstation and if people can get banned for using it. As we were discussing it, a Third Friend (Let's call him Chicago because of something stupid he did a while back at Chicago) passively mentioned that if the Hori should be banned, then so should Scuf Controllers because of paddle advantage.

We then burst into argument.

After Citing sources at each other we learned that there are also controllers that allow "Double Input" where a single input can act as two or more (such as firing and crouching repeatedly).

For the most part, we also learned that some people have been blaming being banned from Apex as using these types of controllers through the validity of these claims are dubious at best.

We then searched to see if people have been getting banned for using the Hori Tac Pro…

That yielded no results which cause Chicago to want to start purchasing a Hori Pro to get the benefits of KBM and Aim Assist. He's already really good at Apex but I fear he will get banned.

I fear this because if he gets banned, then he won't play apex anymore and my team of pretty good players will get fragmented

So I ask:

  1. Does using an Officially Licensed KBM Controller by Playstation get you banned in Apex? Chicago is dumb enough to try.

  2. Does using a Scuf Controller / Other non "double Input" controller get you banned in Apex?

  3. This isn't a question, Please ban those controllers that let you like 20 actions in 1 second.


How can I tell Chicago that the Hori pro can get them banned with "Proof"? We're pretty "Cite your Sources" kinda people and I can't find anything online that is credible. I only really need to make him doubt using the stupid thing because its kinda shitty to fight on an uneven playing field.

Edit: To people politely directly messaging me "Go Die" and "You fucking Cheater", You didn't read the post, did you? Additionally, ToS isn't yielding anything helpful to cite to Chicago. If someone can post a ToS that may have wording that KBM on Console is bannable, even if implied, please send a link.


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