Season is great, but it shows how far away Apex is…

Fortnite player here. I bounced off of Apex a day or two after it's release and knew it never was going to claim the Battle Royale crown. A month or two later, everyone else did too.

Season 3 tries to fix a lot of Apex Legends issues and it does an OK job at it.

The map is significantly better than the first map. Site lines are significantly longer here which makes engagements last longer and makes them more tactical. The first map encouraged too much close quarters fighting which is always terrible for a BR.

The new hero, Crypto, is great as well. Apex always struggled because it rewarded players with good mechanical skill over all else. I've already had numerous instances where my drone saves my teammates due to highlighting enemy players in combination with communication. That didn't happen nearly as much more.

Battle Royale games need to be slower paced, and more tactical, which season 3 is. It's not enough to truly challenge Fortnite or PUBG but it's definitely a step in the right direction.


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