Should loot cargo bots get an additional color that guarantees med drops?

This is basically about the late game; nobody cares about loot bots anymore once the circle is small enough and shooting one down would mean giving away your position. By the time that happens, most squads will generally already have high-tier loot, vaults will already be looted or outside of the ring, and nobody really has any reason to go for one.

So I thought that perhaps it would be useful for cargo bots to get an additional color – let's say, white – that would guarantee only meds to drop from it. Meds are something that is always useful, no matter the stage of the game – especially if squads have large backpacks – and you can never really have enough of them. It would give some added incentive to shoot down loot bots even when the squad is already decked in purple/gold, and ensure they'll always be useful targets, no matter the stage of the game. It would even add a tradeoff in earlier stages of the game – you're really hurting for meds, and you know that shooting down a bot when it's white will guarantee that you get what you need. Do you gamble on getting armor from a purple or gold bot, which isn't a given? Or do you go for the safe bet, grab some meds and ensure you're guaranteed to get more use out of what you already have?

I think it'd add an interesting new dimension to loot bots. What do you all think?


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