Somebody recently posted that 4 Legends are the meta for competition at the moment, I think this needs to change however Nerfs are not the answer Buffs are. Let me explain . . . .

u/arkan-agh recently posted that the meta in the latest GSO revolved around 4 Legends Pathfinder, Gibby, Wraith and Watson. Now I don't think it is good for the game to have such a narrow legend choice for comps, however I don't think Nerfs are the answer because if you Nerf the best legends to the level of mediocre, then you end up with a mediocre game. Better would be to buff other legends to better counter that meta, and here is my 1 cent worths.

Firstly I'm going to split the legends into 4 categories, Area denial, positional manoeuvre, bunker buster and support.

So first up Area Denial;
These are Legends that specialise in denying the opposition from getting in somewhere or going in a certain direction or doing a certain thing. At the moment this is the meta. These are the Legends I think fit into this and ideas of how to change them to make them more useful, if needed:

Watson, Meta at the moment, no change needed
Gibby, also Meta so no change needed.
Caustic, good but can hinder team mates, maybe remove visual Blur for team mates when in gas and reduce speed reduction.
Bangalore, also Good but digithreats directly counter, Maybe have tactical produce Dense Smoke (digis work only half distance) and her ultimate releases smoke when each rocket hits, carpet smoke to confuse before they explode.

Next Positional Manoeurve;
Meta and useful, these legends help with rotation and for getting in and out of places. They are;

Wraith, Meta no change needed
Pathfinder, Meta no change needed
Octane, good however not as good as Path or Wraith. Maybe his ultimate could have two charges, if both are ready then hold to produce a jump tower ( like the Geyster in WE) that lasts for 30 secs then explodes.

Then Bunker Buster;
Okay this is where I think the real change needed to happen, these guys should be the direct counter to area denials but aren't. Here are my thoughts;

Crypto, Good however not brillant, if the drone had a longer range on link and the ultimate emp destroyed Wattson Pylon (thought it did but heard it didnt), also if it left a residue for 5-10 seconds (linked to drone so disappears if it's destroyed) that stops new traps being placed and shield being restored then that would hurt the meta.
Bloodhound, also Good but could be better at braking campers, for example, their scan could disrupt traps and deployables for around 5 seconds meaning people could push in. Also their ultimate could change the signature of BH so they would appear as friendlys to traps and deployables, ie nox traps wouldn't trigger and fences would open for them.
Revenant, I've not played the new changes yet but I like the look of them, let's see how they pan out. I would have liked to see the silence also blind, read that in another post and liked it, also I think his ultimate should be different, it would cost 25 hp to use and it produced a shadow like that from the ltm over Halloween. It lasts 30 seconds and has no limit on uses. I'm not sure if it's needed, I just like the sound of it.
Mirage. . . Broken, love the idea but I don't really know how to fix without completely changing a lot.

Finally Support;
Really I added this section because I don't think LL fits in any of the other categories, however hopefully Loba will join her.

Lifeline, good, but could be better. I thought the idea I heard from another reddit post of her rez shield lasting 1 or 2 secs after rez was a brilliant idea, same post mentioned her ultimate loot being better, which would be nice, however I would also like the area heal from the dummies day out ltm.

Really Respawn are doing a great job, I love the game, but they seem a little afraid of making a big change to legends to change the meta. I think this is a fear of creating confusion within the playbase with the meta changing so quickly, people getting frustrated and leaving. I think people loved this game when it dropped because they had to learn what the meta would be, however now it's becoming little stagnant. I think a shake up would do a world of good, something new to learn.

So that's my rant, sorry it's so long, I've been mulling it over all day.


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