Spam ducking needs to be addressed and treated the same way as jump fatigue.

Spam ducking is out of fucking control. I cant get through 2 squads without running into 2 Wraiths spam ducking their next existent hit box. Its fucking annoying as fuck and should be treating the same as fucking jump fatigue. If not then take jump fatigue out of the god damn fucking game.

It is becoming a god damn fucking joke to deal with. Between spam ducking becoming a fucking plague, SBMM being introduced in regular game modes, the fucking charge rifle being fucking ignored even though it keep blast people across the fucking god damn map without having to account for bullet drop what so fucking ever this game is starting to turn into a fucking god damn nightmare.

The worst thing? I was so fed up with this fucking game last night that i went back to fortnite and somehow im fucking enjoying that shit hole game more than apex. I have hopes for tomorrows update but they are not high. I am finding less and less enjoyment playing this fucking trash.


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