The Pressure of Season 2

Yes this has been posted millions of times before but this isn’t going to be one sided as most post. I will try to stay neutral and discuss with minimal bias. Keep scrolling if not interested but Respawn needs to know the severity of season 2.

To start off I’d like to appreciate the developers for making such an enjoyable game from the gameplay and mechanics side of things. This game has incorporated elements no BR game has yet to release. However, just like every game, Apex has its flaws. Sure there are a lot of bugs and we know they are working on them. It seems like some of these bugs shouldn’t take too long to fix or seems like they are just ignoring them. Many of us (myself included) are not game devs so we are unsure of the process behind the development of such things. But as players all we can do is compare it to games that we have played. Expectations are increasing in games over the years and we expect each game to be better than the next. With that, the players of Apex expect these bugs to be fixed sooner rather than later cause other recent games we’ve played haven’t really had the long wait for bugs to be fixed.

Next, let’s get on to the controversial “content” idea. There are two sides to this argument. One side is “who needs content on a 4 month old game” and the other side is “the game is so stale, we need more content”. I understand both sides and neither one of them are wrong. Seems like asking for new content isn’t what the community is really asking for. The community is asking for content that should have been already implemented into the game such as game modes and leaderboards etc. Some players are asking for a new legend or weapons which again shouldn’t be frowned upon cause Watson and the L-Star should’ve released this season but is now pushed back to season 2. But is asking for content on a new game self entitled? The way you look at it depends on how you view “new content”. Most players are happy with everything in the game because they are aren’t as dedicated as other (by this I mean play as much as others). Some people fly through content because they play the game more than others and simply telling them that it’s their fault for getting done too fast is just wrong. You are basically saying “you like the game too much and you shouldn’t be playing so fast”. You have to admit that there really is no incentive to play after 100 if you stop receiving items. EA/Respawn have basically said “your playing too much and your enjoying are game too much, with that we’re going to eliminate your rewards”. Asking for new content isn’t being self entitled but it’s asking for the game to be refreshing because players are enjoying the game and feel like they are running out of things to do and they don’t want to stop playing cause they love the game.

Lastly the main point of this post is to emphasize the pressure season 2 holds. This next season will either make it or break it for Apex Legends. The community knows that they are pushing content from season 1 into season 2. This makes us feel like we are getting short changed. This next season needs to have a season pass that is 5x better than the first. The map must have noticeable differences that changes the gameplay of each game. Having a different and balanced meta. Lastly having something that keeps players coming back and a more overall polished game that has minimal bugs.

Apex needs to bring everything they got to the table or else it will be the one of the biggest missed opportunities. People have already lost hope and this is their final shot. I want this game to prosper and Respawn I’m asking that you please deliver because damn I enjoyed this game.


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