Unpopular opinion: I don’t enjoy this game as much as I did when it first launched

I believe i'm not alone. When the game first launched i had so much fun in it i got 40 hours in the first 4 days on it.

I got most of my friends to play it with me and they had just as much fun as i did. When Respawn added the Havoc i thought that if we keep getting the content so often there's not a chance that the game will die. When i saw the amount of viewers on Twitch i seriously thought this game doesn't have a chance to fail us. When the Battle Pass came out i bought it even though most of the rewards were lackluster because i thougth it can't be too hard to level it up.

The battle pass is the worst grind i've ever seen in a Live Service game. It requires you to play Apex only every day so that you have a chance to finish it. It's literally the most unfair battle pass. The first three skins you get when you buy it look terrible, the weapon skins look terrible except the golden Prowler, like 30-50% of the rewards are just stat trackers and badges. We still did not get the seasonal loot and a weapon that we were promised, and we're aproaching the end of the pass. The developers are happy to have Mirage severely underpowered. His only good ability is his tactical ability, but with time people will get used to it and it will get more and more useless. His passive literally requieres him to get downed, and his ultimate is trash-tier. Respawn's answer? Oh right, they'll just give him "little nudges", decrease his opacity when he's invisible and such. They have no idea how to balance him. They're too lazy to do any significant changes. Fuck, they literally didn't even mention him in the last 2-3 patches. I play on PC, but a friend that plays on PS4 was complaining that the weapon balancing made Wingman useless on consoles, which sounds possible. Respawn needs to balance the game for consoles and PC seperately.

The lack of matchmaking is terrible. The amount of tryhards that play Apex only is extreme, teammates i get don't talk, drop to dumb locations and die in the first 5 minutes of the match. It's not fun constantly trying your best and in the end failing due to having dumb teammates or running into a no life squad.

The fact that we don't get anything good after level 100 is a dissapointment of it's own league. Literally why play the game when there's nothing to play for? I'm currently level 88 and i got one legendary. I have like 3-4 packs left and the chances of getting another legendary are slim. After 100 i'm not getting anything, expect the Legend Tokens which are useless.

At the time when i started to realize that the game has a lot of bad sides i had about 100 hours, was level 60 and level 17 on the battle pass. But i still wanted to atleast finish the battle pass then so i grinded for hours every day. I didn't play any other games, only Apex. My friends felt burnt out and they didn't want to play Apex anymore, so i had to play alone or with randoms. I literally had no fun playing it yet i kept playing because i just wanted to make the 10 EUR purchase worth it.

I gave up a week ago. I got to level 88, Battle pass level 47 with 145 hours played. I'm not going to push other games or activities away just to play this dead, contentless, futureless game. I thought that there isn't a chance for Apex to fail but it did and it failed hard. It honestly feels like there's only a few people working on the game, the rest is probably working on the Star Wars game. It just seems that EA studios can't do Live Service properly. Sorry for the gramatical errors i just had to get this off of my chest.

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